Living an inspired life

The Jewish community worldwide is mourning a loss of a beautiful soul, many of us have never met him, but he inspired us to gather, pray, and focus on positive action that helped save other lives.

I am inspired by people that against all odds share their truth, their soul, and in the most challenging circumstances are shining light and touching people’s lives.

All of the people on this page I get sparks of wisdom from,

Tune into the wisdom all around you,

What inspires you?

Living fully and with purpose,


Coach Yulia


Joanna Bekhor Missry

We will have these videos from you forever Adam Krief and through them you will continue to spread your light and messages. You will inspire me forever! Every video and picture you have posted even on your personal wall all shows the beauty of your soul-the essence of your being. Always a smile,ALWAYS gratitude,always finding the good in everything. Most people dont acquire these traits in their lifetime, Hakarat Hatov, to be B’sameach (no matter what) Chessed, humbleness, kindness….the list goes on. My only wish is that could have known you. <3