Kosher is everywhere!!!


Los Angeles has everything Kosher you can imagine, and it gets creative, fun, and delicious.  In my neighborhood we have Mexikosher, Beverly Hills Thai, and tons of Israeli, Persian, and Milchik.  What is Milchick?  In Kosher laws, we cannot mix meat and dairy, so restaurants are either one or the other.  There is a new one that just opened, and I checked it out yesterday, and it is called Fleishiks, which is meat only, and this one is deli style with a twist.  They have all kinds of salads, sides, and sandwiches, and I tried the “make my own mess.”

When I was waiting in line, I loved reading the explanation of what kosher is, and to the right of the picture, there is a washing station, which says “wash here.”  When Jewish people eat bread, they wash their hands and say a blessing before the meal.  They also have a whiskey menu, and other drinks.


Coach Yulia

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