Esther the heroine of Purim

Jewish people all over the world are enjoying the happiest month on the Jewish calendar, Adar, and today is a fast day commemorating Queen Esther, who fasted and saved the Jewish people from complete annihilation.

I love to delve deeper into the lessons we can learn, and want to share what has inspired me today.

We dress up in costumes, eat cookies called hamentashen that are the shape of the ears of Haman, who wanted to destroy the Jews.  We also eat a festive meal, drink until we drop, and give gifts to the less fortunate, so they can have some happiness in this powerful holiday.

Chag Purim Sameach,

Coach Yulia

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SPARK body & soul

What do International Women’s Day and Purim share?
They both celebrate strong women 💪
The Jewish Holiday of Purim is observed this Sunday (Monday in Jerusalem).
This festive day commemorates God’s hidden miracles and Esther’s bravery.
She even gets her own day!
Taanit Esther, the Fast of Esther, is one of spiritual elevation and inspiration rather than sadness.
Esther was the courageous heroine throughout the Purim story, even approaching the King without invitation. Before doing so, she and the Jewish people fasted in preparation.
Today we have a fast day in her honor.
Wishing an easy and empowering fast to all those fasting.
For a more detailed explanation of The Fast of Esther, read here:

The fast of the 13th of Adar is intended to hone the soul and galvanize Jewish strength for the challenges ahead. AISH.COM

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