How did we ever function without our phones?


Phone doodle. Talking about phone dependance.

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I love to be reachable, it is so convenient to manage my business and personal life on the go with my phone.  How did people function before? I remember having a beeper, and then I got a funny shaped bulky phone, and it got so hot when I talked on it for a while. Then everyone wanted smaller, remember that little boxy nokia?  Now everybody wants bigger, because they are like computers, and we can do EVERYTHING!
My oldest is 8 years old, I do not want him to have a phone for a very long time.  This shows us what we have become in our personal lives, social lives, and even children not at play.

Some people want to be physically connected, and then there is bluetooth and all the waves flying around, no chips for me, thanks.

So good to be connected,

So important to disconnect,

Yoga and Shabbat recharge my non stop,

What do you do to recharge yourself?

Coach Yulia

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