My boys have an extreme imagination, love battles, and have endless energy


I have the privilege of supporting mothers as a Doula and watching a baby first enter the outside world.  It is a long process, I always tell the parents, you either wait at home or you wait in the hospital, it all takes time, and if someone knew the formula or how to precisely move it along, they would have found a secret to the universe and be a billionaire with a new patent.  So while we wait for baby and body to do what it knows how to do, we talk about how nobody knows genes or character, and how each child is a completely unique soul and energy.

I have two boys and one girl, and wow are they all different.  I have been reading articles on boys, see the need for recess, and I am  in awe of their detailed descriptions of every part of a battle, from weapons to the death scene filled with gore, and none of that has been introduced by me or my husband.

On the other hand, we are all unique individuals, and our boys will be husbands and fathers, and as they grow and mature, they become loving, caring, and nurturing men.

Feeling blessed with all the boys and men in my life,

Coach Yulia

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