Nose Lashes?



You know when an eyelash gets stuck in your eye?  When my kids wake up in the morning and have anything in the corner of their eye, we call it an eyelash.  This morning my four year old explained to me that he also has nose lashes and butt lashes!  He did say he only takes out his eye and nose lashes, but not his butt lashes, phew!

Parenthood is the most challenging thing I have ever had to face in my life, and it is just the beginning.  I am grateful to my blessings, and know that it makes me grow as a person, but it is so hard sometimes!

We are all so different inside and outside, and my husband and I just deal with life, no drama, just straight forward feels.  My children are more sensitive, and this is a great article how to approach “big feelings.”

Keep on keeping on,

Coach Yulia

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