I get enough action

I do not watch news.

Even before the election year, it is always bad news, and it is all about sensationalism and putting on a show.

In my single life, I loved being out, socializing, being in the mix, but not necessarily into watching what was in.  Luckily I get enough action, I did not have a minute to watch the Oscars, although I love the fashion.

Even during the election, I liked getting my news online, I have such a diverse group of friends, and get news feeds from all over the world, which I feel is much more accurate and “real.”

So I hear about it all eventually, but honestly am glad that I am busy living life, and what is happening in literally “La La Land,” is something that eventually gets on my radar, but is not a priority.  For instance, the mix up of the final award, it was the biggest news, and I am happy I got to watch the clip the next day online, did not feel I missed anything, did not have to stop my life to watch reality happen live.  One thing I also saw a clip of is a speech by the best actress winner, Viola Davis, who was so grateful and deserving.  It started out so deep, but one thing about it bothered me, and I wasn’t the only one.


She was saying how the profession of the artist is the most important and the only true profession, I am rephrasing, but that was the gist. While she is definitely is a unique, genuine storyteller, we all have our purpose in this world, and are all powerful in our life paths, being an artist is not the only way to be real and bring light to the world.

Through my newsfeed, and on NPR and KCRW, which is my main news source on the radio, I have been hearing about threats and demonstrations against Jewish community centers and schools across the country.  One was around the corner from my house, and it was by a Christian group that is also against LGBT, it just made no sense, here is the link.


I am grateful to be busy with beautiful personal and professional action,

My blogging helps me process all of it,

My stuff and all the other stuff,

My brain just does not understand groups like the one above,

God Bless America where we have freedom of speech,

Here I am standing loud and proud using mine,

Coach Yulia

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