Party Month!

The Jewish month of Adar is upon us, and it is all about having a great time, expecting miracles, and seeing the happiness in everything, in Hebrew it is called simchas!  Each Jewish new month, Rosh Chodesh, is celebrated with beautiful events, and I am going to be part of one tomorrow morning at 9am, starting with davening, prayers and then Yoga with me, followed by breakfast.  Please message me if you want more info it is in the Pico/Robertson neighbor “chood,” which I also call Little Israel and the Jewish Downtown.

March is a party month for me as well, two of my kids have birthdays, and there are school events and community events happening every weekend. I am bartending at the biggest Purim party in town, see all the details below, come out and play, adult style, with a Mechitza dance floor, and all kinds of rooms to just hang.

Party on!

Coach Yulia

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