Sometimes it works, and sometimes not


My husband is very talented in the kitchen, he has a gift, he feels food and even if I make something, I usually have him spice it.  Yesterday he was working, we have been into butternut squash, and I was making a delicious soup with coconut milk, but for now I have to avoid all coconut, it was causing an allergic reaction in my body because I was having too much.

So I baked three full squashes in the oven, and then went online to look for a recipe.  I am good at finding recipes, and sometimes I throw it all together and it really works, and other times it completely doesn’t work.  I got all excited for a butternut squash chili with lentils, black beans, diced tomatoes and I also caramelized some onions.  I finished it off with cumin, apple cider vinegar, and after it all cooked I added salt, which is what you have to do if you are cooking beans in a pressure cooker.

YUM! It is divine, and that is why I like cooking better than baking, because there is room for error, and just going with the flow and throwing things in could really work, or not!

Speaking of things sometimes working and not working, I recently have been super busy with Yoga, but have not been finding the right fit as a Doula, and I am so happy for the connection and the fit, otherwise it won’t work.  My friend who is just starting out as a Doula was asking me about it, and I told her that especially with pregnant women, there should be no pressure, just be ourselves so she can be herself, and encourage her to trust her gut and find the right fit for her.  I am happy that more people have heard of a Doula, and now there are more and more, so everyone can find the right fit.

The article below is so powerful because in our world today a Doula is more important than ever, the culture is changing in the hospital, and you are left alone if everything is fine, because nobody wants to interfere, and there is nothing to do!

When it works,

It is magic!

Coach Yulia


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