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Sometimes articles keep on popping up in my feed, and it makes me think of customs, reasons of why and why not, and ultimately it is a personal choice.  First let me talk to you about what I know and how I grew up.  In orthodox Judaism, a woman covers her hair once she is married, either with a cloth or a wig.  I was born in the Soviet Union, any form of religious observance was illegal, and my parents and many other Jews did not grow up with or learn any of these customs, laws, and traditions.  When we moved to the United States my parents sent my brother and I to an Orthodox Jewish elementary school because in public school we would not get a Jewish education.  I feel so grateful that in Judaism we are able to grow individually, and as much as I respect and admire women that cover their hair, and find it so beautiful that only their husbands see their wives fully, I am not in that place yet, and will grow at my own pace.

Even within Orthodox Judaism there is a debate between how to properly to cover the hair. The article below explains that there is not one way, there is no perfect way, we all come from different places, and are encouraged to express how we feel connected and beautiful.


In America no matter what our background, religion, race or upbringing, we have a choice. When an American goes to another country, it is also their choice, and the women below refused to wear a hijab, one in sports and one in politics.

What do you think?

Coach Yulia



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  1. You’re right. A woman’s freedom isn’t in whether she doesn’t wear or does wear a head covering- her freedom, her strength is in the choice.

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