What are you?


In our multi-cultural world, I love to hear about backgrounds, history, and life stories of everyone I meet.  It is so fun to hear how they grew up, where they are originally from, and how they have become the person they are today.  I always get asked where I am from, and I love to go into the story in detail from the very beginning.  I am also in awe of my own children and how they are three completely unique personalities and souls.

Everyone has heard of introvert and extrovert, and I never quite fit neatly into any of those boxes.  Yes I need  people and I love to be social, but sometimes I love to be all by myself to recharge, and it is not a sad thing, it is delicious.

Today I ran across the video above, and it may get close to a part of my personality.  None of us can really be cookie cutters, and we are all unique, but it is fun to see similarity and something pin pointing how you feel.

What are you?

Coach Yulia

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