How do you keep it all in your head?

I have been asking everyone I know how they stay organized and get everything done.  I love problem solving and figuring things out, but there is so much good stuff, I am in a constant search of what works for others to try it for myself.

Between my husband and three kids and their schedules, and then my personal and business schedule, sometimes things get left undone, unfinished, and the last minute scramble is hard on everybody.

This morning one of my kids has a dental appointment, one had a play date, and at last minute before we all had to start our day, my third got a call for a playdate, otherwise he would have just tagged along to the dentist appointment.  Luckily it is a kids dentist, which is fun with movies and games, but I am so happy he gets to hang out with his friend today.

While my husband took the kids to where they need to go, I just finished a Yoga class and getting ready to head out to teach two more, and have a couple more at the end of the day.

Yesterday turned out so amazing, between all the playdates and birthdates, one of the families ended up making a barbecue so we all ended up together until the evening, the kids had so much fun, and the food was delicious.

How can I have structure but also be open to beautiful things popping up?

Coach Yulia

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Speaking of beautiful things popping up, in my Doula work the call can come at any time.

This is a painting of an amazing Midwife that supports the women in my community,

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