So much to do, but it’s flowing

I am always trying to squeeze things in, and I actually love last minute changes and making everything fit and work for everybody.  Sundays are sometimes busy, and sometimes lazy, and between work, family and each of my three kids having their own plans, I am always rearranging and planning on the go.

Last night I got an email about a new dance class for preschool age kids, and my four year old is an amazing dancer, and loves to show off his moves.  My daughter has gymnastics, so I am going to the dance class, will have my husband drop off my daughter at gymnastics, and my oldest gets a few hours of lazy, do whatever he wants on his own this morning.

Then we have a few hours before the afternoon plans, so we will squeeze in lunch, if it is not raining some basketball hoops for my oldest, and the library to drop off old books and get some new books.

My daughter has a birthday party to attend, and I arranged yesterday to drop off the boys at a friend’s house at the same time.  Then tonight I have a Yoga class, and now working on planning my daughters birthday coming up next month, and other things on my to do list.

There are a few things people have heard me say on a regular basis throughout my life.

  • I just know I’m going to have a private jet
  • I am not domestic
  • I need a personal assistant

I am so grateful to be working and getting busier, and my goal is to get as busy as possible, so I can finally have the personal assistant that I always wanted.  So they can do all the planning, flowing, and rearranging, and I can just do what I love to do.

While looking for something inspirational to end up with, I found the video below.  I love the ball pit, did you do that as a child?  This looks fun!

Coach Yulia

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