Free on the inside

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I am free to be me.

This was a very powerful Shabbat.

The reading of the Jewish people becoming the Nation of Israel and receiving the 10 commandments at Mount Sinai.  It was pouring rain all of Friday night, and I did not know how Saturday would be, but I made myself go to synagogue with my family, and the messages were so clear.

Everybody made a point to say how valuable, important, and necessary women are in Judaism, and how couples empower each other to strive to be their true selves and fulfill their purpose in this world.  That is what my husband does for me, he empowers me, nurtures and literally takes care of all of my needs, and supports me in running around doing the work that I am meant to do, while he is our rock and our home for myself and the kids.

Below is a hilarious video of today’s world of trying to capture and share precious moments, and how ridiculous it is, but also, when you really find your other half, they just put up with you, get you, and let you be 100% you.

Coach Yulia

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