Expect Miracles

Berry Schwartz
He wasn’t exactly trying to fit in ya know?
I learnt from him (never explicitly rather through imbibing him, watching him) to listen to who I am and to do me even when that COSTS.
He gave people the space to just be them.
The words I kept hearing this week, mostly from young guys who crashed at our house all the time was: “he was a safe haven for us, the only one who wanted nothing FROM us and everything FOR us”
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I love deep conversations, my friend and I were talking about how life unfolds, and if we are present and trusting, you see the miracles every moment.  She told me she had heard the phrase “expect miracles,” and I found it so true.  A powerful and inspirational soul passed recently, you can read some beautiful words from one of his sons above his father’s picture.  Also below his picture is a link that gives a taste of how many lives he touched.

Expect miracles,

Be the light,

Live your truth,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia




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