Differences are good too

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It is so interesting that I had two articles appear one after the other about similar experiences.  One was from a Muslim point of view and the other was from a Jewish perspective, all about how we are all different, and that is not a bad thing.

No matter what you think of Donald Trump, it is interesting how Jewish people are reacting to Ivanka Trump and her Judaism, and the following article said it best.


One of my favorite friends on Facebook is a beautiful inside and out Muslim woman that is a voice for peace, and living her truth.  This is a great article that she wrote about people telling her that she is not Muslim enough, and I love her answers.


No matter where you are from, race, religion, tradition, custom, gender, way of life, we are so blessed to just be ourselves in America.  The worst is to get judged and labeled by your own, and I applaud everyone’s path.

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