Where do I begin?

I love deep conversations, and we are all on our own journey,  and I love to hear stories of genuine experiences, self discovery, and growth.  This weekend there was a big women’s event in the mountains, and I was asked to teach Yoga in the morning.  It was far, luckily no traffic, I gave myself an hour and a half, and enjoyed the smooth ride, my day started at 7am.  Then I ran home to take my kids to a party in honor of the birthday of trees, Tu B Shvat that we celebrated along with Shabbat.  In the middle of it all I am trying to arrange the rest of today, and this week.

Doula clients are reaching out to me at the end of their pregnancy, and I love how ultimately it is about the right fit.  We all have our schedules, our needs, and our vision, but ultimately we collide in the magic of the moment, truth and life experience that is birth.

Feeling wired by everything that is happening, and is going to happen, and focusing on staying present, it feels good to gather my thoughts and write it down.

Thank you!

Coach Yulia

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