We have the power to…

Yesterday we had a beautiful Shabbat dinner with guests that I have met in my Yoga world, and they all had some Jewish roots, but had never celebrated a traditional, orthodox Shabbat.  They were so wonderful with the kids, the conversation was so stimulating, they had backgrounds in journalism, physical therapy, theatre in acting and writing, and surfing.

In our Yoga conversation we were all on the same page of how important it is to learn and trust your own body, and how wonderful it is to be in a class that allows each person to find their own way.  Below is a Yoga competition, which really makes no sense to me, because the roots of Yoga are that everybody is different, but it is beautiful to see what is possible.

Today I had the pleasure of rejoicing with the family of a little girl that I helped guide into the world as a Doula a few months ago, and today there was a celebratory meal in her honor.

All the messages from the Jewish learning this week about how each person has great potential and power, and how we must raise each child with an openness and possibility so they are connected and seeking out their purpose in this world.  Each of us also has the power to guide our life in a direction, and we actually choose our path, where we end up is a whole other conversation.

Coach Yulia

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