Once you are a mother…

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I love silliness, and boobs take on a whole new meaning once you become a mother.  I love words and word origins, and it really seems feasible that the word boob just looks like boobs.  Also once you have had some babies, we stretch and get weaker, what once was muscle has become fat in that pregnancy, birth, and beyond.  So my littlest is turning five in a month, and I am lucky to have been trying everything to get my body reset and working at it’s best.  I have an amazing friend in town that is a medical student, and she was studying in China, and cupping was part of her training.  It was intense but manageable, I would much rather do this than surgery.  The most amazing thing is that afterwards I feel completely normal, but anyone that sees the marks that are now all over my body thinks that I was having fun with my husband!

Once you are a mother,

It is a whole new world of YOU,

Coach Yulia



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