My mind is blank, maybe it’s the moon


On one hand we are humans with souls and energy, and on the other hand we are made up of the same stuff as the earth, planets, chemicals, and bacteria all around us.  I am fascinated by nature, and whenever I see the moon, feel the warm sun, and smell the fresh air after rain, I feel so good.

I have been literally non stop, today was a day of no time to eat at home, and I am so blessed to always have homemade food around, but I was literally gone from 7:30am and just got home at 9:30pm, doing all the stuff that I love.

Feeling grateful to be needed,

Feeling blessed to be utilized,

Understanding that I am present and I bring others present,

Also I am in love with words, and I try to choose words that make things clear,

I customize, so each person feels open to express themselves, focusing on feeling good,

So powerful to be a channel, be in touch, have energy flow through me,

I always let everyone know that I need them as much as they need me,

The energy exchange keeps me sane, balanced, peaceful, and recharged,

For everyone and everything in my life,

Coach Yulia




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