Faith, Music, Yoga

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Afshine Emrani  –  The vast majority of things we worry about never happen. Have faith.

We all have different approaches to dealing with life.  Some go to faith, and for my Jewish clients it is a place of peaceful surrender, where ultimately things will be as they will be.

This is such a mind blowing article about music that actually directly affect and calms anxiety,

Many people have come up to me after Yoga class and told me it helps them immensely with anxiety.  I am so grateful that Yoga helps people with exactly what they need, I just create a space for self expression and acceptance, and allow each person to customize as they go along to what feels good in the moment.

Today I was blessed to be part of a community event, the program was to start with davening, Jewish prayer and music, and then Yoga with me, and finish with a healthy breakfast.  The goal is to do it monthly, please contact me if you would like me to keep you posted on the next one which will be on Rosh Chodesh, the new Jewish month.

Fear is human,

We all have to figure out how to face, accept, climb over, and move forward with our own,

Coach Yulia



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