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I am in awe of life from the moment I wake up until I lay down on my pillow for a good night’s sleep.  It is amazing in our world of information what we keep learning, and for me it is a source of wonder, fun, and connecting to the large world that we live in.  I love the google doodle, and today it was about a sculptor that against all odds just lived her life on her own terms, and I identify with that.  Yes our world is nuts, but I have been blessed to know that all I can do my best, I make my choices and decisions based on my deep connection with what I feel deep down, and it has never led me astray.  Even hiccups in my life are an adventure and a lesson, no regrets, just moving forward with no fear.

I have an amazing friend in town for a month, she got married and had kids really young, they are all grown up, and she has realized her passion for surgery.  She is at the end of her medical training and has studied cupping in China, and just came back from Tanzania in Africa where she was able to perform every type of surgery because of the need for doctors. She is offering her cupping treatment that comes with a deep massage at my studio, please email or call 323.377.0707 for more information and to book an appointment.  Cupping is amazing for health, circulation, and weight loss, I am so excited to reboot my body after having babies, and take care of mama and feel good.


Coach Yulia

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Cupping is an ancient medical treatment; its Chinese roots date back to 300 or 400 A.D. Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures also have ancient records of the practice. In cupping, suction cups of varying sizes are attached to the body.

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