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Today my friend and I figured out we had some time to have our first date!  We met through our kids a few years ago, and have hung out with everyone together, but not just the two of us.  She told me that she grew up walking on the beach, and the cold water is good for circulation, so we did it, and it was so nice just to be in nature, sunshine, and fresh air.  We had such an amazing conversation about life, love, change, and how all the chaos will hopefully lead to something amazing.

We are so different, but we have a beautiful thing in common, we both feel vibes and trust our gut.  It is so important to figure out what makes you feel good, and to figure out how to squeeze it into your life.  What makes you have a nice feeling of freedom, recharge, and happy juice? What is happy juice you ask?  There is a feeling I get when something feels good, and it comes from my throat.  I got it the other day after a Yoga class, and it was the first time it ever happened because of Yoga, usually I just feel relaxed.  I usually get it when I am really tired, and lying down on my pillow gives me such pleasure, and the happy juice oozes right before the sleep comes.  I don’t know how else to describe it but today while I was teaching a Yoga class, one of my students was enjoying her pose so much, like a deep massage and said YUM, and I said, yes that is what I mean by happy juice.

I always say it is so important to give yourself 100% undivided attention, and it is not selfish, it is self care.  I like to allow myself to be creative, silly, get in touch with my inner child, and go on adventures with amazing people and see what oozes their happy juice.  I like to figure out what makes me tick, it is a life long process, because it evolves.  I just really tuned into this amazing feeling, and now I notice it immediately, and I am feeling it right now as I write about it, because blogging, sharing, and being unapologetically real gives me great pleasure.

Afshine Emrani
“Forget safety.
Live where you fear to live.
Destroy your reputation.
Be notorious.” #Rumi
The best compliment that I recently received is that I was real,
Coach Yulia
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Afshine Emrani

The media won’t tell you this, but look around, there’s a Black nurse taking care of a White patient, there’s a Jewish doctor healing Muslim patients, there are Iranians caring for Mexicans, there are Muslim businesses serving all Americans, there are lovers of all colors and creeds romancing, dancing, drinking freely, there is beauty of diversity and quiet, day to day love and respect between members of this melting pot. And that will never change. #GodBlessUSA There is so much noise but the silence speaks louder than words. Listen.

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