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Sydney woman LENA GOLDSTEIN 97, survived the Holocaust by hiding in a Warsaw cellar. #HolocaustRemembrance Day:

I was born in Poland in 1919. When World War II started, Warsaw was the only city in the whole of Europe that defended itself for a month. But there were no deliveries of fresh food for that month, so as soon as the Germans occupied Warsaw they started a soup kitchen. Everyone was sitting there in rows waiting with their bowls, including little boys, they knew one word of German — Jude, which means Jew. They were running around yelling “Jude, Jude, Jude”, excluding us from getting food. The Germans were telling us “Jews don’t have to eat.” This was the first sign of the German persecution. The Nazis then put all of the Jews in Warsaw, along with others from towns and villages surrounding Warsaw, into one small area of the city. In 1940 they put 450,000 people into this area, surrounded by a big wall. We thought it was good that we would have no direct contact with Germans, but we did not expect what was coming.…/0c2ebbd334fb83c77e180547…

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It is ignorant and dangerous to lightly compare anything to the Holocaust.  I am shocked that the former president of Mexico is comparing Trump to Hitler, and for those of you doing the same, please educate yourselves on actual genocides and be grateful that your voice is allowed to be heard in this great United States of America.

How about the countries below that blatantly do not allow Jews or a passport from Israel?

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