All about you and your Significant Other

Life just keeps happening, and Sunday I had a few moments where there was a plan and I thought I had everything under control, and for a moment I lost all that control.  These are very small instances in the big picture, but in the moment they had me frantic.  I had it perfectly planned to drop of my son at a play date at 10:30am, it was on my way to work, I had to start teaching a Yoga class at 11am.  The night before I had to run some errands and for some reason the car display was dark, I was not sure why so I started pushing buttons. So on the way to the class on Sunday, I didn’t notice that the display worked in the daylight, and when I looked at the time it said 10:55am, which meant I had only five minutes to get to class.  I freaked out for a moment, wondering why I was going slow, it was raining, and I still had to drop my son of at his play date.  Then my rational mind decided to double check my phone time, because I knew I left the house just after 10am, and it was only 10:20am, so I realized that I must have changed the clock while I was pushing buttons the night before.

Then I arrive at the playdate, and only his friends father is there, and he has to leave, he doesn’t know where his wife and son went, and I have to run to my class in half hour.  So I had another moment of taking breaths and trying to figure out what to do, when the mom and her son ran in the door.

Life will keep throwing things at you,

So sometimes it is just fun to take a silly quiz,

Coach Yulia

OK…All married, engaged or dating couples – copy/paste this into your status and have fun answering the questions!
Who’s older? Me
Who was interested first? Equal – blind date
Same high school ? No
Most sensitive ? Me
Worst temper ? Him
Funniest? Both
More social? Me
Wakes up first? Him
Bigger Family? Him
Eats the most? Equal 🙂
Cries the most? Neither of us are cryers, more yellers 🙂
Said I love you first? Him in a card
Better singer? Neither
Best driver? He is a professional driver
Hogs the remote? We don’t watch TV
Better cook? HIM – That is why I said yes, he could be a chef, I am so lucky 🙂
Who spoils who more? We just live life real, I spoil myself 🙂


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