My weekend in review


Pouring rain, 2 classes, volunteering in my children’s school, running some errands in between while on the phone figuring out what works best for everyone.  The mommy with baby class was supposed to start at 11:30am, one of the moms asked if we could do 11:15am, so she could leave in time to pick up her older child from school at 12:30pm.  Another mom told me she may not have a car, so I called her to suggest we do the class at her place, she said ok.  The mom that was supposed to pick up her child from school just realized that he did not have school, and was home, so I suggested we do it at her house, the other mom had a car and agreed.  It was a blessing because she had an underground garage that moms and babies would be dry from the rain.  A third mom that was supposed to join us, and was the original reason that I put this class together,  scheduled a last minute doctors appointment because she was not feeling well, and was not sure she would be on time, so everyone was ok with moving the class to 11:45pm, I had to be home for a 1:15pm Prenatal class right after.  It all worked out, all three made it, I like to go with the flow with moms and pregnancy, no extra pressure, we do our best, and we figure it out.  I was so happy to get everyone home and get ready for Shabbat, I forgot to blog.


Nice relaxing day and nap when my husband took the kids to synagogue on Shabbat.  Then once they came home, it was actually a gorgeous almost 70 degrees in between the rain  storms, they played outside and I  was counting down until bedtime.  Why?  Shabbat ends early since it starts early, and my sneakers got soaked in the rain and puddles, I had to run out and find boots before the Sunday downpour.  I went to a place nearby that has a lot of stores with good prices, found great deals for kids clothes and found the perfect boots, I always end up in the right places, Thank God!


Pouring rain all day, took my son to a playdate, went to teach a Yoga class, (got two disturbing calls from friends about health and safety, Thank God all is good)  then picked up my son and took him to his basketball tournament, it was awesome, everyone got a trophy.  My husband was with the other kids, once we got home in the afternoon, there was a homework battle with my middle child, I was so happy when it was bed time.  Waiting to teach my final class at 9pm, then it is my bedtime, non stop day tomorrow.



7:40am Yoga for teachers at a local school

8:55am Women’s Yoga

10:15am Post Partum Pilates with baby

12pm Yoga 24 Hour Fitness

6pm Private Family Yoga

7:30pm Women’s Yoga

8:45pm Women’s Yoga



Coach Yulia


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