Prime Minister of Israel at 28


It makes me so proud that there was a Rabbi representing the Jewish people and Israel at the Inauguration.  I have many friends that participated in the marches today all over the world, and peacefully using our voice for what we believe in is beautiful.

Below is a video of the current Prime Minister of Israel when he was 28, his voice sounds the same and his clear view of Israel has not changed.


As American’s are living history right now with a new President and standing up for their rights and letting their voice be heard, I will do the same for what is important to me.  The article below is about acts of Antisemitism that have recently happened all over the United States, and in Germany a desecration of a synagogue was brushed to the side as hate for Israel,


Coach Yulia

Fred Maroun
But don’t worry. This isn’t antisemitism. It’s just legitimate protest against Israel. (this is sarcasm BTW)
I don’t know if UNSC resolution 2334 caused this, but it certainly didn’t help.

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