I wish she mentioned Jews too


I saw so many feelings about the march on Saturday, and many people I know personally were very passionate, and I was happy for them to experience unity and camaraderie.  One of the organizers of the March in Washington D.C. is in the video above, and in her very passionate speech she left one group out, Jews.  The woman that spoke after her also mentioned Palestine only, and for all of my fellow Jews that marched, did you know these are some of your spokespersons?

My mother sent me an email that there were advertisements offering payment for marching, and maybe it is tied to this, http://nytlive.nytimes.com/womenintheworld/2017/01/20/billionaire-george-soros-has-ties-to-more-than-50-partners-of-the-womens-march-on-washington/.  Since it was Saturday, many observant Jews could not go because of Shabbat, and other people also felt unwelcome, https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/01/09/us/womens-march-on-washington-opens-contentious-dialogues-about-race.html?.

I just wish she mentioned Jews too,

Coach Yulia


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