GO WITHIN and Be Real

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Whether you believe in God, are spiritual, or just trust your gut, it is really all the same.  I am so grateful to live in the United States of America, where I can be REAL!  That was the best compliment that I got the other day after a Yoga class, that I am real.  My message in everything that I do is trust yourself, listen to yourself, take care of yourself, or who else will do it for you?  Why would you want someone else to do it for you? Yes it is wonderful to get inspired, but to follow a herd, blindly without research or background to jump on a bandwagon, I honestly do not get it.

So here is some real for you.

Tomorrow is Inaguration Day, Donald Trump will be all of our President for the next four years.  People can choose not to go, people can choose to speak out, people can do whatever they want, but there is no way around the process that the people have put into place.  I feel this process is magical, it is amazing that we can disagree, live our lives our way, and feel the way we feel.  Interfering in a peaceful transition is dangerous, so lets follow Hillary and Obama, and respect the way our country is run.

You can pray or hope for the best,

What is the alternative,

Stand for change of the process,

Be present in the journey of the process,

In the election and in life,

Coach Yulia


Yakov Horowitz
Pray for our President and for our Country
Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be our President, and I will be praying that God grant him the wisdom and steady hand to properly lead our great country and the world.
While I am deeply grateful to Mr. Trump for his strong and unequivocal support of Israel, nothing I’ve seen him say, do and tweet since the election has given me any comfort level that he will “pivot” and become more “presidential.” Quite to the contrary — my concerns and even fears have increased several times over from what I expressed in this space during the election season.
This morning, I scrolled through his twitter page, and I am terrified that the fellow who posted all of that will be able to launch nuclear weapons in minutes with no one able to stop him.
Still; I disagree with those who are challenging his legitimacy as President. We should never tinker with the peaceful transfer of power, which is an underpinning of our democracy. There will be time to revisit this matter if there is indeed clear and unequivocal evidence of wrongdoing. Until such time, he is our President. Full stop.
I also disagree with rabbis who have stated that they will not be reciting the prayer reserved for the leader of our country once he takes office.
Like it or not; he is my president and our leader. I hope that my fears are baseless. I hope that I am completely wrong about all of this and I look forward to eating humble pie and stating publicly about how wrong I was if that’s how things turn out.
In the meantime; I sincerely pray for his success.
Afshine Emrani
***Rant*** Here’s how liberals continue to fail America: By not showing up. By dissent. By acting like spoiled children and walking away from the inauguration. When will you realize that the world does not revolve around you? Many of us saw enormous problems with Obama’s leadership, but we showed up, we stayed engaged, we spoke up. Not to do so, would have been labeled as racist! That’s patriotism. You love your country more than the candidate. Years ago, my father told me a Persian political poem that now makes more sense: “A drop is an ocean in the ocean, but a drop is a drop away from the ocean and the ocean still remains the ocean.” If you are not at the table, you are on the menu. It is this attitude of boycotting the inauguration that will make you look like losers and enhance yet another 4 years of Trump. It is what got you here. America is greater than any single candidate. What’s even sadder is your sense of heroism in the boycott, that somehow dissent makes you noble. All it does is show your childishness, your lack of tolerance for another point of view, your lack of respect for the democratic process, your disdain for America. I have the highest level of respect for the Democratic Members of the Congress who are showing up for tomorrow’s inauguration-not because they support Trump, .but because they love America, and because they want Trump to succeed, because in the end if he loses, we all lose, and if he wins, we will all win. You who think boycotting the peaceful transfer of power in America is a joke to be missed should seriously consider living In Iran, Gaza, or under other totalitarian regimes so you appreciate the power of showing up to such a blessed event. Staying disengaged is not resistance, it’s foolishness. God bless America.



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