We are all America


The video above is so powerful because we are all America.  Yes we have freedom of speech, but not to speak for each other.  My children’s school is deciding to make their voices heard, which I respect, but I think it is disrespectful to teach children to say the inauguration is not for them, it is, it is our system, we can change it, but for now, it is what it is.

Below are some voices I respect,

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
Jewish Democrats: DNC Chair wannabe Keith Ellison meets Hamas fundraiser Mohammed al-Hanooti but won’t attend Trump inauguration! Open your eyes!
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What the media chooses to ignore: Trump was given the Ellis Island Award for contributing to the conditions of inner city black youth alongside Muhammad Ali & Rosa Parks 1986!
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Mordechai Ben Avraham 
 Jerusalem, Israel
—> the name Moshe means “to draw out” – Rabbi Simpson Raphael Hirsch explains in his commentaries; Bayta gave Moshe the name to always remind him, she was the individual who “drew him out” of water, making Moshe psychologically indentured to her.
At the same time… the name shaped Moses’s character to always be empathetic towards people in distress.
It’s a very similar idea to African Americans who were renamed by slave owners upon being brought to America.
One could argue, the psychological effect of being renamed, under the context of distress, shaped African American culture. To be empathetic towards any other group appearing to be in distress or being taken advantage of. Which sorta explains African American’s connection to liberalism and Liberal ideas perpetuated by the left.
There’s a famous story in the Torah about Moses seeing a Hebrew in distress, fighting an Egyptian, immediately jumping into the fight to save the Hebrew. Which led to the accidental death of the Egyptian forcing Moses to flee Egypt
Keep in mind I’m African-American and the empathetic nature of my ancestors has created some of the most beautiful moments in human history – as it relates to the pursuit of equality and justice here in America. However in my generation, the empathy shared amongst my people has been manipulated, castrated and used by our oppressors – To convince, people of color, too support liberal ideology; never increasing the quality of life of the African American people
God created the Obama Administration to explicitly show the African American Community… even with a “Black Man” in charge, liberal, left wing ideology will never help their distress in America
President Barack Obama spent 8 years helping every Distressed Group in America but the very people who he claimed to represent (in case you didn’t know – the African American community). African Americans are in a worse position economically, socially then they were before Barack Obama our Liberal Black President took office in 2008.


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