Speed Numbs

In today’s medical climate, the solution is pharmaceuticals, to numb the symptoms, but does not address the roots, and unfortunately has side effects.  I am lucky to have a high pain tolerance, and needles and drugs scare me more than any pain.  I also want to feel everything in life, and be fully present.  I don’t want to escape, in my experience that is what life is about, when you get through it, whatever it is, you come out stronger, with lessons learned, wiser, happier, and knowing what you want and what you don’t want.

I do not remember where I saw the term “speed numbs,” but I know I do not want to be numb.

Afshine Emrani
A diabetic unable to feel the pain of a rusty nail in his foot gets his leg amputated. Don’t curse your pain. Bless it as your teacher.

I recently had an appointment with a physical therapist that specializes in myofascial massage, which is going deep into all of our connective tissue.  It was very intense, and it was amazing when he was focusing on the front of my leg, but I felt the connection in my back, where I had hurt myself and now was very tight.  I was asking him about foam rollers and balls, and he said the danger of that is people may go too deep and cause damage and injury.  I really feel on a regular basis, exercise is so important, but we need a reset, especially if you are active and as we get older.  There are so many ways, massage, chiropractic, accupuncture, and even just enjoying a steam or jacuzzi.  Yoga is so wonderful as a counterbalance to everything else in life, where we go hard.  Some people like it for a workout, but I feel when you go gentle, the body opens and allows like a deep massage.  Leave the aggression, results oriented ego, competition and comparison in your other workouts and in life, let Yoga just feel good, when we let go in our mind, it makes such a difference in our body.

As a Labor and Birth Doula, we are best utilized before the baby comes, and pain is progress.  There is a difference between pain and suffering, and suffering is unnecessary, but pain can be managed.  Thank God we have all of the Western Medicine options and skills in case of emergency.

I had an epiphany today of how important professionals are, and it is important to find the right fit.  I just got a call from someone that never thought of a Doula, and her friend was reaching out to me, saying the doctor wanted to jump to a cesarean section, without fully informing about all the pros and cons, there was no emergency yet.  So the mother wanted to try to labor, but she couldn’t eat, first baby, body wasn’t ready, she was exhausted, and luckily her friend was being the best support, but she did not have the skill set or experience of a Doula, and she needed me more than her friend.  Especially since her friend felt supported by her, I feel the most important thing is to give the mother her power and not interfere on her birth, we are consumers not patients.  I told her friend to call me with any questions, I gave the friend my Doula support, so she could support her friend.

Do your research,

Informed consent,

Take care of you,

Who else will do it for you?

Coach Yulia

Mor Volner 
Home birth is thought of by many people as dangerous, risky, or taboo. Yet, that is exactly how I feel about birthing in a hospital. Growing up, I never imagined I would be the type that would birth at home… I tend to be more medical than homeopathic, but the more educated I became in the field the more I knew that if I wanted what’s best for me and my baby, therefore I would without a doubt have a homebirth… and thank god I did, best decision of my life. If I had been in the hospital (looking back at what had happened with my birth experience), I would have ended in a very complicated birth with a cesarean or possibly a still birth. Sometimes you just have these instincts as a mom, and for some reason I just knew that I needed to birth at home. I had the most amazing birthing team of midwives that were so perfect (and extremely medically knowledgeable), they literally saved my birth. I will owe my midwives for the rest of my life for giving me the gift of being able to birth the way I always dreamed of. I felt like a human, like an empowered lioness bringing her baby into the world… while easy is the last thing I would use to describe this experience, the challenges were completely worth it. I know many women are so clueless to why home births can actually be safer than hospital births (especially in the United States), I am very happy with my decision and outcome of my birth. Couldn’t have done it without my husband and midwives, and of course, myself…. feeling honored to be able to share such a beautiful moment with the world.
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