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The video above is funny, it is really ridiculous how people are profiled, and they do a great job bringing it to light.  Below is blatant hate, it is not funny, and it is one sided, how can we move forward with that kind of thinking.

Starting with the conference happening in Paris right now,


God Bless people who are trying to unite, and bring truth to light,

Coach Yulia


Nadiya Al-Noor

My fellow Muslims, we need to talk about something. We need to talk about a lot of things. The Ummah is far from perfect. We must acknowledge and address our issues. We must talk about the violence happening in our own communities, the oppression and atrocities committed by Muslims. And I’m not talking about ISIS — we condemn them 24/7. I’m talking about the violence that is often swept under the rug. I’m talking about the ugly, uncomfortable truths of the Muslim world.

We must talk about the violence committed by Muslims, against Muslims. We must talk about the oppression of the Ahmadis in Pakistan, the burning of Ahmadi homes, the imprisonment of Ahmadi leaders for the ‘crime’ of preaching peace and selling Ahmadi literature, the anti-Ahmadi signs hung outside of shops.

We must talk about the persecution of Shia Muslims. We must talk about the banning of Shiism in Malaysia. We must talk about the murders of Shia Muslims, the attacks on Shia mosques. We must talk about the execution of Shiites by Sunnis, as well as the execution of Sunnis by Shiites.

We must talk about the violence committed by Muslims, against non-Muslims. We must talk about the burning of churches, the outlawing of Christmas celebrations, the execution of Christians under blasphemy laws. We must talk about the persecution and executions of atheists and “apostates.” We must talk about the forced conversions of non-Muslims.

We must talk about the daily stabbings, shootings, bombings, and general slaughter of Jewish lives in Israel. We must acknowledge these attacks as what they are: terrorism. We must not try to justify it. We may not agree with Israeli politics and the actions of the Israeli government, but there is no excuse for the murders of innocent people living their daily lives. Terrorism is never justified.

We must talk about the roles our governments play in global violence and terrorism. We must speak out against human rights abuses and corruption permitted by governments. We must talk about the hypocrisy and state-sanctioned oppression.

We must talk about the mistranslation of Quran verse 4:34 and its misuse to justify wife abuse. We must talk about the sexual crimes rampant across the globe. We must talk about child labor and underage marriage. We must talk about the persecution and murder of gay people. Regardless of our beliefs on homosexuality, we cannot force those beliefs on other people and imprison or kill them for not conforming our beliefs. We must talk about the lack of education in the Muslim world. We must talk about the invasive regulation of women’s bodies and clothing. We must talk about the rampant racism and Arab-supremacy problem in the Ummah. We must talk about the abuse of Hadith to justify murder, oppression, and more.

We must acknowledge that all people who identify as Muslims are Muslims, whether or not we believe they are practicing “correctly.” This includes but is not limited to: Sunnis, Shiites, Sufis, Ahmadis, Quranists, Ibadis, and yes, even the extremists. We can provide bountiful evidence as to why we believe a certain madhab or denomination is truer to Islam than another, but if a person believes he is a Muslim, he is a Muslim regardless of our opinion. If they are wrong, Allah will judge them justly. This isn’t to say that we should allow extremists who self-identify as Muslims to spread violence and hatred throughout the land, but it means we cannot declare someone kafir just because they believe differently than we do. We must strive to educate, not excommunicate. We cannot solve a problem by distancing ourselves from it. We cannot become a united Ummah if we force each other apart.

We must not only talk about Islamophobia and persecution of Muslims in the West. By talking about the multitude of problems the Ummah is facing, we are not giving ammo to the Islamophobes. We give them ammo by not talking about it. They are already talking about it themselves. They use it to demonize Islam and Muslims. By staying silent, not only do we allow these atrocities to continue, but we allow the perpetuation of Islamophobia. If we want to fight the injustices committed against us, we must first address the injustices within ourselves.

I would like to end with a few quotes from the Quran:

Quran 2:256 – “Let there be no compulsion in religion.”

Quran 3:103 – “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.”

Quran 13:11 – “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.”

Let us always remember our duty to spread peace, through our words and our actions. May Allah guide us all to a straight path.

Afshine Emrani
Artist Muhammad Sa’ad from the Druze Israeli village of Beit Jann used the recent snowstorm to create his vision of religious leaders standing together to promote peace. #Peace#Unity#Love
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