The World is Quiet, and not in a good way

I wake up happy, positive, and ready to face the world.  As a mother and wife all we can all say is Thank God for our problems, and such a blessing to have happy and healthy kids that drive us nuts.  Then I go online, and I see it AGAIN, a senseless attack, and the world is quiet.  The other day it was in Turkey, then Florida, and today in Jerusalem, and the worst part is that the lives of innocent civilians is lost and the terrorist is celebrated.

🏮This is how they praise and celebrate the death of a terrorist. This is the difference between Israelis and Palestinians.
Thanks #StandWithUs
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Today is a fast day, and it is very interesting what it commemorates, attacks and seiges, but we will persevere.  How people can celebrate death, murder, and want their children to kill, I will never understand.
Coach Yulia
Aryeh Rifkin
Today is a half-fast, the 10th of Teves. For those who have not yet observed, consider the bus incident, acts of terrorism, antisemitism, US position on Israel, Russia, Syria, ISIS, controversy over the upcoming Trump administration, and perhaps other personal things going on in your life, and join today for a fast from 5:36 am until 5:38 pm. 12 hours without food or water … good for your body and soul, and acts as a sacrifice from your own body.
Siege of Jerusalem (425 BCE)On the 10th of Tevet of the year 3336 from Creation (425 BCE), the armies of the Babylonian emperor Nebuchadnezzar laid siege to Jerusalem. Thirty months later — on Tammuz 17, 3338 — the city walls were breached, and on Av 9th of that year, the Holy Temple was destroyed. The Jewish people were exiled to Babylonia for 70 years.
Tevet 10 is observed as a day of fasting, mourning and repentance, in remembrance. We refrain from food and drink from daybreak to nightfall, and add the Selichot and other special supplements to our prayers. (More recently, Tevet 10 was chosen to also serve as a “general kaddish day” for the victims of the Holocaust, many of whose day of martyrdom is unknown.) –

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