Health is Everything

That is a healthy heart on the very top, our life definitely will one day come to an end, but while we are here, why not live fully, take care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

Afshine Emrani

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Four events that destroyed the heart, from autopsies. Top, left: Gun shot wound. Top right: Cancer. Bottom left: teenager cocaine overdose. Bottom right: Fatty constriction of morbid obesity.

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I feel so blessed to have good genes, a healthy lifestyle, and luck on my side.  When our body is working right, we do not think about it, and just live our life.  As well as our mind, when things are clogged with the past or the future, it is very challenging to live fully in the present.

Nowadays there is no excuse to find some kind of activity that gets your body moving, there are so many options in all price ranges, or you can just go hiking, and even parks have free exercise equipment.

I was telling one of my students today that if you don’t invest in yourself now, you will eventually have to put that money into hospital bills.

Do What You Got To Do,
Coach Yulia

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