What you need happens all the time


Unfortunately my whole family is a little under the weather, luckily nothing too bad, just some stuffy noses.  I am battling mine with my Neti Pot, it is the best thing ever invented, and if you do not know what it is, please message me.  My mom has been in town for a few weeks, we enjoyed Chanukah together, she leaves tomorrow, so we had a day full of last minute errands.  Luckily while she was at an appointment, I took the kids to 24 Hour Fitness in Santa Monica, one of the only ones I know that still has a kids club.  I usually go there to take my teacher’s Yoga class, he is 84 years old.  I learned from him 16 years ago, and I feel like every time I take his class, I keep on absorbing new nuances.

One of my main messages in my Yoga classes is not to push yourself, and really listen to what your body needs.  Since my body was off and not feeling 100%, I decided to just go into the jacuzzi, since I was also having some body aches, and most of our locations have jacuzzi’s. When I dropped the kids off at the kids club, they always ask where I will be just in case they need to reach me.  So I said the jacuzzi, and then she informs me that their location does not have a Jacuzzi.  The crazy thing is that I did not really  want a Jacuzzi, what I really wanted was a steam room for my unhappy nose.  I have been going to this location for over a decade and only took classes, and I think it is the only location in my area with a steam room.  I didn’t even bring a bathing suit! Luckily I just happened to be wearing a really long tank top underneath my sweater, and I did bring a change of undergarments, so everything I wanted and needed came to fruition.

This is how life works,

Coach Yulia


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