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We are celebrating the eight night of Chanukah, all of our candles burning bright, and we headed out to friends right after we lit our candles, to hang out a bit to bring in the new year.  I made the kids take a picture, they were really ready to go, and we just got home, they are in bed, and I am thinking of our brightest night of the year.

I get my news from various friends online, and thought that this weeks Parsha, lesson of the week from the Torah was so poignant to exactly what is happening in the world and in Israel today.

Speaks for itself
“Why do you make yourselves conspicuous?” (Gen. 42:2). As the Land of
Israel is thrown into a terrible famine, Jacob and his family still
have food to eat, yet Jacob cautions his family to be discreet in the
fact that they aren’t suffering yet. One of the reasons the Talmud
points out is that they would be causing the “Arabs” and the “Western
World” to be jealous. The Talmud was aware that people often look to
condemn and blame others rather than take responsibility for
themselves. Jacob understood that it is so much easier for people to
blame others for their own problems than to accept the fact that they
may have a personal responsibility to better themselves.
Unfortunately, this scenario has played itself out for the Jews
repeatedly over the centuries, with the Jewish Nation often serving as
the scapegoat for the problems facing the world around them. However,
we can learn from Jacob that not only do we need to take
responsibility for ourselves, but we need to live in a way that does
not cause undue jealousy to those around us. While we should be
grateful and appreciative of the blessings we have, sometimes we need
to remember that there isn’t always a simple solution to the attitude
of others towards us.
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Happy Chanukah!
Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary

Wishing everyone a year of light, happiness, health, success and love!

Chag Sameach,

Happy New Year,

Coach Yulia

Caroline Glick
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