The holiday of light and truth

Thank God that in the United States of America, we keep changing the reign of power.  The current administration was good for a few things, but at the end it is just poison for foreign policy.  My fellow Jews are finally opening up their eyes, and counting down the days until the overly politically correct, say the right thing, but acting in a vile manner behind the scenes government is gone for good.


Jews around the world are watching the horrors unfold, but nothing will stop our nation from practicing and celebrating our traditions all over the world.

I was talking with one of my friends about raising kids, and all the ups and downs of everything, and we agreed that that is what life is about.  So as things are happening all around us, we can choose to focus on the blessings, miracles, and shine our own light bright!

Chanukah Day 4,

Chag Sameach,

Coach Yulia


~an optimistic realist~

The glass is always full… choose, don’t wait to be chosen. Grateful for being able to experience emotions, which are meant to fulfill my being with positive and Fight those which can demise my soul. Love life… Learned to respect all, nonetheless maintain a standard & won’t compromise.

The Rebbe says, ” think good, and it will be good.” I understand polar views, but seek the balance… Mind over emotions.


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