Chanuka is about strong women shining bright!


There are so many aspects to the Chanukah story, and one of them is mentioned above about Judith, Yehudit in Hebrew, which happens to be my name in Hebrew, named after my great grandmother on my father’s side.

It was not only the Maccabees that had a miraculous win, but the bravery of Yehudit, who charmed the leader of the opposing army, got him drunk, and brought his head back for proof.  There are so many strong women in Jewish history, and I see the strength in the women in my family who came before me and in my daughter.  She is having so much fun on her holiday vacation, everybody loves her company, she joined a friend today playing fashion show, I think she did good!

Chanukah Day 3,

Chag Sameach!

Coach Yulia




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