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Chanukah is a symbol for shining the light of truth, possibility, and change.  As much as many of my friends, family, and acquaintances were shocked by Trump’s win, I am so ready for change.  As are the sentiments below:

Afshine Emrani is feeling thankful
I’m done being angry at Obama for handing monies to Iranian Mullahs to destroy Israel and terrorize the world, for allowing UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements to pass, for sitting and watching children get buried under Syrian rubble, for letting Turkey, on the brinks of a fall, go back into the hands of Erdogan, for never missing the opportunity to be on the wrong side of history at every major critical juncture. I am done being mad at liberal Jews for twice electing the worst possible president for Israel. I am just excited to be witnessing the greatest miracle of Chanukkah, which is getting rid of Obama/Clinton and placing Trump in a position that can restructure ties with America’s truest allies, strengthen Israel, and clean up the mess that started with Carter and ended with Obama.


Everybody is so passionate about words, but no much about deeds.  I agree with the statements below.  Wishing all my fellow Jews Shabbat Shalom, turn off this crazy world, and then we will shower it with light!

Shabbat Shalom,

Chag Sameach!

Coach Yulia


Fred Maroun


This is a stab in the back of the Jewish community that has always consistently supported the Democrats, including the latest election when they voted for Clinton over Trump by 3 to 1 (that’s 75% for Clinton!). It almost makes me wish that Trump was already President, if it wasn’t for the fact that Trump has so many other issues. Where is George W. Bush when you need him? This is really depressing.

Note that the UK under the supposedly pro-Israel Theresa May did even worse and voted for the resolution! Shame on all of them, including France.



It is really not that complicated!

Settlements outside the large blocks are not good for Israel because they move Israel towards a bi-national state, which would eventually make Israel an Arab state (“failed Arab state” would be redundant…).

But settlements are NOT an obstacle to peace. NOTHING about the settlements stops the Palestinians from negotiating a two-state peace agreement and offering the Jews outside the large blocks Palestinian citizenship. Unless they are antisemites of course.

So the UNSC essentially admitted that most of the Palestinians are antisemites.

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