What is your favorite exercise?

ABC News added a new video: Michigan Woman Still Teaching Yoga Class at 105 –  http://abcn.ws/2gIqaHQ

YES! I am so blessed to teach people of all ages, and I am inspired most by people that do not let age get in the way.  My amazing Yoga teacher that I learned from 16 years ago is 84!  I love Yoga, and the good news is  that it doesn’t have to be Yoga, there are so many options, there is no excuse to find what you like so you will do it.  My parents are in their 70’s, my father likes cardio machines and weights, and my mother loves to exercise in the water.

Our body is like a machine, we need to take care of it, activate it, give it checkups, and also the right fuel such as food, sleep, and a happy, balanced life.

What workouts do you like?

Coach Yulia



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