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I love natural birth!  Yes, hospitals and doctors are important, but I firmly believe that 99.9% of the time, they are just there to catch the baby.  I was so honored to be a Doula for a mother pregnant with her fourth, and she really just wanted to birth her way, she knew exactly what to do and what was going to happen.  She told me it would go fast, and it did. The most beautiful part of the experience was she completely tuned into my energy, stayed present, turned inward spiritually, connecting with Jewish matriarchs and even the Chanukah heroine, Yehudit, which happens to be my Hebrew name.

Once we got to the hospital, as they were going through their procedures and asking questions, not believing that after two hours of contractions and broken water, and on top of that a calm, laboring mother, that it was time, that was until they heard her pushing. They rushed her into the delivery room, wanting to desperately give her an IV, just in case something went wrong, when I pointed out that she was pushing the baby, and would not be needing that right now.

The doctor  and the whole staff looked and me and asked me what to do, and I nicely and respectfully told them that what the mother was doing was working and she knows what to do.

Today I realized what my inward answer was, full of passion, truth, and at the top of my voice:


Midwives have a name for this, “watchful waiting.”

Coach Yulia

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