Science Keeps Evolving


All I know is that new things keep getting discovered, researched, and proven.  Whatever was the common knowledge, gets broadened, and it is so important to stay open and move forward or what is the alternative?

There is way more than just our physical body and science does not have all the answers. There is not one shred of proof of how nothing became something, sure after that there are numerous facts, explanations, and discoveries.

As human beings our purpose is to connect and be of service, and most importantly be a light and inspiration for everyone around us.

So excited to for Chanukah,

It is the Jewish month of light,

Let your light shine,

Coach Yulia


Roland Yakoubov shared a link.
For a long time, scientists thought that DNA was the only thing inside your chromosomes. A new study turns that assumption on its head. CURIOSITY.COM

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