…in progress

Such a powerful video about how our own progress inspires and allows others to progress

I am sure you have heard the phrase “work in progress,” and the connotation is that there is work to be done.  That also implies that there is dissatisfaction or something is not as good as it could be.  So I have decided to just say “in progress,” which is a much more present representation of how we are always changing and growing, and that is a good thing.  Nothing is wrong, nothing needs to be fixed, there is nothing to improve upon, everything is wonderful, however, growth and moving forward are a must, or we become stagnant.

Even in health and fitness, if you have an injury, you have to scale back and go easy until it heals, and it will heal.  Thank God when we focus on something, take care of it, and give our undivided attention, it will move towards the direction that is intended.

When we are “in progress” we inspire everyone around us to be their true selves.

Coach Yulia




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