Super Floss


I went to the dentist last week and am happy to report that all the work that I have done to get my mouth healthy again after having babies was not in vain.  I was so lucky genetically all my life, always just a quick clean, never any problems, then babies came along.  This is where my genes weren’t so helpful, all the enamel got stripped from my teeth and my gums were horrible.  All is good now and the dentist told me his favorite floss is called Super Floss, and I figured, I work hard, I deserve to splurge a bit for the best out there.

Then it made me think of the word floss and how in the Urban Dictionary online it means something completely different.


To flaunt expensive merchadise

Then I was thinking how media likes to get attention, and it is always a big deal, and most of the time negative or scary.  Denzel sums it up best when he is interviewed in the video below.
I will stick to super floss,
Coach Yulia

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