I trust that things will always work out

I didn’t sleep most of the night.

My doula services were needed almost two weeks early.

I know that labor could begin at any moment, there really is no formula, no plan, no data or statistics could calculate how different each birth is, even with the same mom.

I pulled in front of my 8:30pm client to teach yoga and got a text that the water broke, everything was fine and for various reasons, we had to meet at the hospital.

I had to cancel my client, and call everyone I knew to borrow a birth ball, I had lent mine out knowing that I had two weeks to go.

One of my fellow doula sisters saved the day, I had to run to her client who already gave birth and get her ball, and she also agreed to be on standby for another birth that I was waiting on that was overdue.

Of course as I got on the highway there was traffic due to an accident, so all I could do was trust that things will always work out.

I arrived perfect timing, her husband was the most powerful support, she got the natural birth she always wanted, worked hard, and I was able to be home by 4:30am.  I was hoping my kids would sleep until 6am, they are early birds, so I could at least get an hour and a half of good sleep.

Today I had a full schedule of classes, had a little nap in between, and after writing this blog, I’m headed out to teach three classes in a row.

Sure I am a little foggy, but it is a natural high kind of foggy, an ok to teach Yoga kind of foggy.  Always marveling how everything just turns out exactly as it should, and our goal is to stay present.

What was most powerful about the birth was the nurse midwife encouraging the mother to just do what felt right, and allowing her to gather strength from within, and doing what her body and baby were guiding her to do.

Did you know that VBAC and Breech are natural ways to birth?

It is true.

Coach Yulia

Lindsey Meehleis with Stuart James Fischbein
•reteach breech• Today during our routine postpartum home visit, Dr Stu said something that was mind boggling to me. As we all sat and admired a new daddy doting on his baby girl, Stu jokingly said to him “look you’ve seen more breech births than 90% of the OB’s practicing medicine in the United States today.” How can this be?! How is this even ethical?! We can’t control all birth…Don’t you think that even for the rare cases that a mom shows up to the hospital with a baby half way out and feet dangling that we should have this skill? Women deserve better than this. Babies deserve better than this. Breech is a variation of normal; not all breech births need to be a surgical birth. Let’s make this a consumer driven issue & demand that doctors learn this skill. #reteachbreech #breechhomebirth#homebirth #collaborativecare #midwifery #simplybirth #gratefulheart#birthwithoutfear

I consider myself lucky to bear witness to these moments.

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Lindsey Meehleis with Jessica Marie Bougie and 3 others.

•reteach breech• pheww it’s been quite the week in Orange County for our team and the amazing Dr Stu! We started the week with a beautiful set of twin girls born at home and ended it with a gorgeous frank breech birth to first time parents at home. If there’s one thing we need to emphasize now more than ever in our #normalizebirthcampaign it’s to reteach our Doctors and Midwives the disappearing art that faces extinction of vaginal breech birth. Breech birth is a variation of NORMAL. 1 out of 25 babies are breech. This means 1 out of 25 mothers will face major abdominal surgery because doctors aren’t being taught vaginal breech birth in medical school & residency anymore. With a woman’s innate trust in her body, informed consent and skilled care providers, this my friends is what breech can look like. Physiological birth in a warm bedroom, filled with love as daddy’s hands guide his sweet little girl earthside. #reteachbreech #normalizebreech #normalizebirth #breechhomebirth#homebirth #lifeofamidwife #collaborativecare #simplybirth #midwife #midwifery#birth #birthphotography #thisislife #breech #frankbreech

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