We are all searching

That’s all, in everything in life, especially through social media, that is what I see, questions, connections, and conversations about everything in life.  Saturday I sit all day and read, and also take a nap while my husband takes the kids to the synagogue.  It is just me day, and I read a few articles that show an interesting perspective about our current climate.  They are both from a Jewish point of view, which I relate to.



Sunday is a day of activities for the kids, and many times birthday parties of friends.  We are relaxing now, and will head out soon for our fun day.

I love learning and being in the world, and also when I am with my family, I do my best to be fully present.  Not easy.  All the best activities and events are special beause our children spend quality time with us.

Love the Jewish humor in the comic below!

Coach Yulia

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