Revealed Miracles

I know the word miracles sometimes makes us think of make believe.  I am talking about the miracles that happen in our daily lives, we are overwhelmed, it is definitely revealed good.  One example of course is birth, there is no way that a sperm and an egg explains how a little human with all the right parts in the right places is born.

In our Jewish community, a family was suffering and reached out into the world, threw parties, made events and gatherings in order to swab for a bone marrow donor for a young father of three that has cancer.  We were all praying, and the story below is just so heartwarming of what could happen when everybody focuses on good, being of service, and being a light.

THANK YOU to all those who joined the bone marrow registry for Adam Krief! Thousands around the world gathered after an online social media push, including on StandWithUs, to find a match for Adam Krief.

On Tuesday, Adam Krief, a 31-year-old father of three living in Los Angeles, announced on Facebook that a donor had been found and that he was on his way to receive the transplant.


Jewish cancer patient finds bone marrow donor after worldwide search, Kim Kardashian pitch “This is what cloud 9 looks like … I’m so grateful to let you all know that a donor has been found.” JPOST.COM

Yesterday I went to a beautiful Challa Bake, a women’s gathering celebrating the lives of a Chabad couple that were brutally murdered in Mumbai, and then there was another story. Last year at this same event, which is called Loaves of Love, there was a woman that connected with the Rabbi’s wife, our Rebbetzin.  Then the woman got very ill, and the Rebbetzin was asked to go be by her side at the hospital, to give her words of comfort and prayer.  This lead to our Rebbetzin being inspired to be a hospital chaplain.  Sadly the woman passed away, and her daughters were at the event last night, feeling so grateful to have found a community and honor their mother.

Everything in life is about the right fit and timing,

You never know who you inspire,

Be your authentic self and spread your light and love,

Seeing the little every day miracles,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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