Oh Oh!

This is so powerful about how failure and rock bottom becomes a foundation for growth


The only way I know how to get through life is leave my ultimate fate in the hands of God, which some people call the Universe, Law of Attraction, or Energy.  Things will be as they will be.  I have been blessed with a full work schedule, and I am waiting on two ladies who may go into labor any moment.  Yesterday I was a speaker at a beautiful event, and I got a text from one of the ladies which I did not hear, but no phone call.  When I got out three hours later, I tried to call and text, there was no response, so I had to just trust that everything was fine and she would get in touch if she really needed me.

Why panic?

Why worry in advance?

I trusted in my gut, which is my source of connection and decision, and knew that everything will turn out as it should.  Thank God we got in touch in the morning, and have been in touch throughout the day, nothing regular so it is not actual labor.  Sometimes all a woman needs to hear is that what she is experiencing is normal, and just to have someone to talk to, who will listen, assure, and guide.

I had two classes in the morning, squeezed in the most amazing facial with Skin Deep Beauty by Dina Gordon, which was a belated birthday present to myself which I finally was able to schedule.  I had the phone by my ear the whole time, and then rushed home to teach a Prenatal Yoga class.  Now I have a little break, my husband went to get the kids, they will be home any minute, then I have two more classes and a Challah baking event tonight, https://www.facebook.com/events/1203328909757134/.

So my Oh Oh! of not being available the moment a client needed me was ok,

All we can do is our best,

Be Honest,

Be Authentic,

Just Be,

Coach Yulia


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