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I love hearing from different points of view on everything.  I like to hear opinions, feelings, arguments, research, data, and passionate reasons why people feel the way they do.  On my Facebook page I put an article about people cutting out their friends and family out of their lives because of the election, and I asked my friends, who are on every side of the spectrum, what do they think.

I enjoyed reading clear reasons why the right has valid points and the left feels that a vote for the right is a personal vote against various groups that feel targeted and threatened.

Then someone asked me what do I think, and as with everything else in life, I like change, and I think all my diverse brothers and sisters have a voice, and I will stand by my friends from every walk of life, every country, race, religion, and LGBT.  I did not like either choice, and I see the flaws in each one.  I also like how our country always swings from side to side, and there is progress, and that progress will not be overturned, I have no fear of the future, because everything is being closely watched and analyzed.  I did not feel safe econmically or with the security of the country with the past administration, and I do not like promises said to my face, but when it comes to action there are no guarantees.

I don’t like how Trump speaks before he thinks, and the horrible absolutes and boxes he lumps people in and Hillary does not represent me as a woman, I see fake smiles and agendas, I do not trust her.

I like direct.

I like straight up.

I like in my face real talk.

So keep it coming.

Not all right are extremes and no all left are extremes,

Let’s not put anyone in a box anymore,

Try our best to see it from another side,

I feel so grateful to live in America and believe that we can get through it together,

Below was my “What do you think”post and all the responses,

Coach Yulia

What do you think?

Why is this phenomenon of cutting off contact with friends and relatives so one-sided? Why don’t we hear about conservatives shunning friends and relatives who

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Many Hillary Clinton voters have ceased communicating with friends, and even family members, who voted for Donald Trump.
Claudio Puviani
Claudio Puviani The left is a cult. Like all cults, if you disagree with their dogma, you are ostracized. Criticizing their idols is blasphemy. Having different ideas is heresy. Not sharing their socialist values is moral depravity. They are holy and you’re dirt beneaSee More
Natalie Wilde
Natalie Wilde The right is like a cult. Like all cults, if you disagree with their dogma, you are ostracized. Criticizing their idols is blasphemy. Having different ideas is heresy. Not sharing their Christian values is moral depravity. They are holy and you are libSee More
Claudio Puviani
Claudio Puviani Right. So join me in the middle. The extremes are insane.
Howard Kligman Yet they have so much support, disturbing.
Howard Kligman's photo.
Jamie L’Italien replied · 1 Reply
Ellen Bat Lev
Jamie L'Italien
Jamie L’Italien I had multiple people cut me out of their lives because I didn’t support Trump.
Faigie Light
Faigie Light This is the very reason Trump supporter kept quiet before the election. It is a known fact that close minded people can not have an open conversation with someone that disagrees with them, because they fear that person might change their mind with new ideas. This article is very stereotypical, but none the less, sounds about right. Leftists care more about ideas than they do about people, regardless if they want to save the planet or not.



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