26 things about me



I saw this to copy and paste and pass on, and decided somtimes playing games is good for the brain.  Enjoy the game above and maybe do your own game below.

Coach Yulia


A – Age: 44
B – Biggest fear: driving between to large trucks (my husband was a trucker)
C – Current time: 3:37
D – Drink you last had: Water
E – Every day starts with: dealing with life every moment, just being present to it
F – Favorite song: nothing really jumps  out at me right now (that’s not a song title)
G – Ghosts, are they real?: No
H – Hometown: Los Angeles, California
I – In love with: Life
J – Jealous of: not jealous but admire artist minds and how they create (photographers, directors, designers, painters, writers, all kinds of artists)
K – Killed someone: No
L – Last time you cried?: Don’t remember, but definitely something relating to motherhood
M – Middle name: Don’t have one
N – Number of siblings: 1
O – One wish: Health for myself and everyone in my family and friends
P – Person you last called: my husband Sam with good news that I got out of a ticket
Q – Question you’re always asked: Where are you from?
R – Reason to smile: My brain and acting skills can get me almost out of any situation
S – Song last sang: Snoop Dog – Drop it Likes its Hot (it was on the radio)
T – Time you woke up: 6:15am
U – Underwear color: Beige with black butterflies
V – Vacation destination: Hawaii
W – Worst habit: My happy bubble makes me think I can do anything, sometimes it bursts
X – X-Rays you’ve had: teeth and chest
Y – Your favorite food: Food
Z – Zodiac: Libra with Scorpio dressing – 
Solar Calendar Libra/Lunar Calendar Scorpio

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